Distribution and Marketing

 We act as a distributor for several companies but also just as a distributor (wholesaler) since they operate directly as well.
We mainly act as Exclusive Distributor since we register, distribute and promote at the same time only our exclusive products by positioning ourselves as Exclusive Distributor.
On Marketing we are the most efficient company and the only company that spends more than 50% of gross profit in Marketing.
We pretend that all products that we introduce in Market to have about 1/2 of market share.
An example is our marketing team (in Kosovo) that are 6 people that cover 5 regions and visit about 1000 doctors monthly.
All marketing expenses are covered from our gross profit.
Main markets are private pharmaceutical chain and private hospitals that are supplied from wholesalers.
Actually DELTA supply directly to pharmacies and wholesalers and all of them are under crediting scheme where they pay first invoice after taking the second one or a 45 days credit is granted. This is a synergic cooperation between us and our partners since DELTA has a good financial stability for more than 5 years and thanks to this financial stability we can pay in advance for goods and give credit to pharmacies and other partners that we co-operate with them, including hospitals.
Marketing strategy:
  • We use ‘product on consignation’ for new products to make them available to the public before we start a marketing campaign.
  • We have a special discount policy for medical consumable products for hospitals that regularly prescribe products that are under our marketing and promotion as well a long credit period is granted to them for purchased pharmaceutical products that are under our marketing and promotion.
  • We offer an extra free goods as additional discount to pharmacies and sub-distributors in case that they sale more than quarterly targeted.
  • We closely cooperate with professional associations to promote products during congresses, seminars and other professional meetings.
  • We organize as well different professional meetings for particular matters that are in interest of promoting products that we represent.
  • Another marketing strategy that we use is targeting specific products or bringing in front the differences that similar products have, differences that can be in active substances, inactive ingredients, dosage form, flavor, packing, shape or other differences.

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