Our Business Strategy

Our business strategy – “Free Risk Business” is to introduce Business Partner product portfolio in region where we operate.
Region where we actually operate (Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia) is not so big and consist of slight differences on market organization and registration procedure, however differences are more on locally requested procedures and documents than on general requirement since CTD Modules are requested as standard, translation of documents preparation of administrative part of module one and other things that request specific trained staff are covered by DELTA staff that know how to do this locally.
Main disadvantage is triple repeating of the same procedures and that in different languages.
Main strategy is to offer a “free risk business” where DELTA will;
  •      Financially cover of all registration procedure.
  •      Pay in advance or as it is agree.
  •      Marketing advertising from own sale profit.
  •      Non return policies for goods purchased and are expired.
  •      Locally cost coverage of Pharmakovigilance and other post-marketing report.
  •      Free market report from health care area.
A free risk policy that we have is part of our strategy to reduce in maximum bureaucratic procedure and investment of our partners.
A step by step strategy is always discussed since there is impossible to predict what is happening in near future since this region in constantly going through reformation to meet EU standards.
Local mock-up is not requested as far as we do not make annual forecasts and we make annual forecasts after first year of registration of the product and this is part of our strategy to test the market and see market reaction, all registration and marketing costs of first year introducing are covered by DELTA.
All Marketing Authorizations will be in name of Business Partner and as well it will be holder of trademarks and all intellectual and industrial properties.
Regional Presence
Region presence is important since actually is the only emerging market in Europe and is the only region with annual growth of about 4-5% and within few years health expenses are going to be increased by two to three time since GDP is increasing exponentially.
There are a lot of things that cannot be included in a business strategy but anyway is a short description of market strategy and as in every new market entrance only time will show if it was worth or not, however new market is always something more and better something than nothing.


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