Vision and Mission

 Our mission is;
  •       To bring in our regional market quality products at affordable price from reputable manufacturer.
  •       Products in different form, dosages or other differences that have advantages vs. current products that are in market.
  •       Products that are missing in market due to rare usage.
  •       Offering a full service to our partners including product registration, product distribution, product marketing and a post marketing surveillance.
  •       Creating a ‘free risk business’ for manufacturers that we represent.
  •       Creating values through a long time operation by offering the best services to our customers, doctors and our partners.
  •       Bringing new products in market not present at the time.
  •       Advising our business partners.
  •       Support medical personnel to follow most up to date trainings.
Our vision since the beginning was to create a company that will operate in all area of pharmaceutical and medical filed, so we have start with a small pharmacy a decade ago and now we are in the middle of our way to reach our target.
After creating a regional distribution network our vision is to continue with;
  •       Pre-wholesaling warehouse that will meet locally requirements such as putting ‘Banderolas’ that is a security label to be attached before placing a product in the market (to be finished on 1Q of 2014).
  •       A new marketing department to connect regional experts from the same medical filed as part of regional congresses and conferences, part of our new marketing strategy.
  •       Create our own retail chain thus offering our traditional best services direct to the patient as well.
Our other visions are part of our long strategy to become a leading regional company in health care filed.

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